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Welcome to this months issue of Internet Marketing Tips Newsletter.

Last month we looked in depth at identifying your customers. Finding out who they are and who are the ones we want more of.

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So now you’ve figured out who your current customers are and you’ve decided that you want to attract more of those top 20% types? You’ve got a web site, so what’s next? How do you find them? Let’s find out…

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I hope you find the article and the series useful.

Customers – Attracting Them

The name of the game is targeting.

Your web designer, having analysed the data from tracking system they have set up for the last process, will be able to tell you what key phrases your customers have typed in, which pages of your web site were the most popular and therefore which products or services have attracted your best customers.

There are several tried and tested ways you can attract targeted visitors to your web site. There are no hidden secrets but plenty of tried and tested and genuine, effective methods that will increase your targeted traffic and therefore your profitability.

Attracting New Customers

Before you start spending vast amounts of time and money attempting to attract new customers to your business, first take a long hard look at your web site with your ideal (top 20%) customer in mind. Is it easy to find the products and services they are buying? What key phrases did they type in to find your business type, can you see those key phrases clearly on your page and are they in text rather than graphics? This is imperative to obtaining high “organic” search engine listings. For more information, see our guide “Start at the Beginning”:

Once the design and layout of your web site is in order, i.e.: customer focussed, easily navigable, optimised for both search engines and customer use, you are ready for the full on Attracting New Customers assault!

There are many options including:

Pay Per Click advertising
Select the Pay Per Click search engine of your choice. Sign up for an account and s
tart by using the key phrases your web designer had identified. You can type these into the suggestion tool at your desired PPC engine for more variations that their users are currently searching on.

For an in-depth guide to setting up and managing your Pay Per Click advertising, see our guide “Maximising Your Pay Per Click Campaign” here:

Online Newsletter Adverts
When using newsletter adverts place them in publications that are related to your market and have subscribers who would be interested in your product or service. You can find appropriate online newsletters in ezine directories and as you are probably subscribed to a few specific to your industry already - start with these.

Website Adverts
For website adverts, use the key phrase list you made for your pay per click marketing. Starting with the key phrase that gets the most visits per day, do a search at a search engine. Assuming that your web site isn’t listed in all the top 20 places, research the first ten to twenty web sites looking for any information which indicates that they sell advertising space on their website, like 'Advertise With Us'. If you don't see any advertising information look for a 'Contact' page or email address and send a message asking if advertising is sold on their website and if so then what is the cost and where can your advert be placed. Once you've finished this research, choose where to place your ads.

Search Engine Optimisation
To find information online most people go to the search engines first. If you're not listed in at least the first two pages of search engine results for your keywords, then you're missing out on a lot of free targeted website traffic.

This is a topic covered extensively in our DIY Internet Marketing Guide “Start At The Beginning” here:

Article Writing
Another way to increase website traffic is by writing articles for your targeted market and submitting them to article directories and online newsletter editors. Your increased website traffic will come from the resource box at the end of your articles. The resource box is like a 4 to 6 line advert telling your readers who you are and encouraging them to seek more information on your web site by clicking on your website link, which you will need to provide.

One advantage of article writing, beside the free increased website traffic, is that it will make you an expert in the eyes of your readers. This will increase your credibility and your readers trust in you causing them to open their minds and wallets to your recommendations.

For more information about establishing yourself as an expert in your field, download out guide “Building Online Relationships” here:

These are the 5 most tried and tested techniques for increasing targeted visitors to your web site. They are not hidden secrets, they're nothing new, but they are used everyday by web site owners whose web sites are successful and profitable. So start using one of the techniques today and see how it goes, then try another.

Next month we will be looking at some more “Out-of-the-box” ideas for attracting targeted customers.

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