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Sales – How To Make Them

Research into online sales has confirmed that online purchasers don’t want the pressures of a salesperson and want to take control of their purchasing experience. Therefore, in order for those customers to make an informed and educated purchasing decision, your web site needs to provide them with all the information they may need about your product or service.

If they can’t find what they need in order to make that decision there’s a possibility they may send you an enquiry, but they are far more likely to click away and find a competitors web site that gives them all the information they deserve.

This is the first part in a four part series all about Sales – How To Make Them.

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Review Your Copy

Whether it's a web page, an email or a printed ad, copy that's easy to read, informative and persuasive saves customers' time and increases your sales volume.

Specifically with web sites, if visitors arrive and don't read what you've written and don't take the action you desire them to, your advertising and marketing budget has been wasted and you’ve lost another sale.

Web site designers largely overlook words, despite their considerable seductive power and many companies that happily spend tens of thousands of pounds on photography and clever flashy graphics invest next to nothing to professionally write or improve copy.

Well written, persuasive copy has an explosive effect on conversion.

How To Improve Your Web Site's Copy

  • Liven up the copy. Find interesting, unusual ways to say what might otherwise be dull.
  • Vary your verbs. Replace conventional verbs with interesting ones that bring life and action to copy.
  • Reinforce the benefits with the products features. Use product features to substantiate the product's claim. Specifics help people imagine using the product in the present tense.
  • Include Tech Specs. If your product has a technical specification, include it. Perhaps not on the main page, but in an additional Tech Spec page that can be opened if required. If relevant also include warranty details, recommended accessories, customer reviews, etc.
  • Provide clear images. Search Engine Optimisation dictates that in order to maintain quick page loading times, we must keep our photos and graphics small. I agree. But if the image could benefit from being larger, include an additional page with a larger copy of the image that can be opened if required.
  • Don’t flog a dead horse. If a product doesn’t sell, it doesn’t sell. Don’t try and sell it 100 different ways. Concentrate on presenting your best selling products in the best possible way and leave the non-selling products as free giveaways or incentives – more on that later in the series.
  • Let people make up their own minds. If your web site presents all the relevant information, a simple navigations structure and puts your best deals forward, your consumers will find it easy to browse and the rest follows.

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