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“Sales - How To Make Them - Selling Additional Products”

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Last month we looked at closing the sale and how important it is not to force customers down too rigid a sales funnel but allow them to add additional products along the way. We also looked at opportunities for bringing those customers back into the web site and on the way to purchasing more items from you.

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Now we will look at what to do with products that have been given ample opportunity but simply don’t sell. What can you do with them? Can you actually make money from them? Can they lend value to other products? Can they win you new customers?

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Sales – How To Make Them – Selling Additional Products

Every business has them – those dusty little boxes in the corner of the office containing that one super product that for some strange reason never sold. Even in a virtual world, there are always reports, white papers and information products that have been written but fail to attract a market. So what can you do with them?

Well one good use is to use them as free giveaways. Having said that, beware of the word free as it not only triggers spam filters everywhere if you are emailing your offer, but also begs the question from the customer, if its free, it must be valueless.

Having said that, just chose your words carefully and you could generate a lot of new business.

  • If you are having trouble getting customers through the check out and experience more than the odd one or two abandoned shopping baskets, try giving away your non selling product as a timed bonus. For example: “Place your order today and receive an amazing (non selling product). Only while stocks last”.
  • If you have little trouble in getting your customers through the check out but note that you have a large number of single purchase customers (those that buy once and never return) why not email them a special offer. For example “As a preferred customer of (your business) we would like to show our appreciation and offer you, without charge, an amazing (non selling product). Visit and enter the code xxx at the checkout to receive your special gift.” This method not only gets the former customer back to your web site but also puts them through the check out process again so they may well pick up additional items on the way.
  • Have a competition on your web site to win your non selling product. You can email former customers, your present customers and even gain new visitors by advertising your competition on online competition web sites. A good idea is to ask questions about your web site or another product in order to get the new visitors to spend some time there before entering the competition.
  • Advertise on your product. If there is some way you can get your business details onto the product, then just give it away anywhere and everywhere. Allow other businesses to give them away too. Or example if your non selling product was a new fangled cloth for washing cars, if you can get your business details printed onto it, why not let your local garage give one away with every service. If nothing else it can add up too low cost advertising.

So come on, what are you waiting for? Blow the dust off the box in the corner or go digging around on your hard drive and find all those products that didn’t sell and put them to work.

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