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Happy New Year and welcome to this month’s issue of Internet Marketing Tips Newsletter.

Now that you’ve identified who your best customers are, you’ve tracked down where to find them and directed them to your web site and you’ve even convinced them to purchase from you. How are you going to keep them coming back to your web site and buying again and again?

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In this edition of this series we will look at the best ways of selling additional items to one-time purchasers and how to keep your customers coming back to you again and again.

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Customers – Keep Them Coming Back

Your first opportunity to sell additional items comes from your initial sale confirmation email. We've all purchased goods online and received e-mail confirmations, usually within minutes of placing the order. We've also received shipping notifications letting us know when the item we’ve ordered has been dispatched or the gift we have ordered for someone else has been received. These notifications have high open rates and as such are a fantastic opportunity to cross-sell additional items.

Order Confirmation and Cross-Sell

The following copy could appear in a confirmation email for a music CD that has just been purchased:

  • We hope you enjoy your new (insert artist) CD, which will be dispatched with 5 days. Please retain this confirmation for your records.

    By the way, did you see that we also have several other items by (insert artist)? Why not take advantage of our special discount of 25 percent of your next purchase and treat yourself today. Interested? Simply click
    here, and we'll add it to your order so you’ll also avoid any further postage charges.
    Hope the CD brings you lots of enjoyment!

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Using the same purchase, this e-mail would be sent 30 days after the initial CD purchase was delivered:

  • Good morning! According to our records, you purchased a (insert artist) CD about a month ago. We take the quality of our products and service very seriously and would like to know if you're satisfied with your purchase. If you're not completely satisfied, please click here, and let me know your thoughts.

    By the way, we have 12 other CDs and 4 DVDs by the same artist. To show our appreciation of your continued custom, we’d like to offer them to you at a special discounted rate of 40 percent off. The offer is only available for the next 24 hours so if you're interested, please click

Gift Delivery and Gift-Reminder Service

This copy would be included in a gift-delivery notification:

  • We're pleased to tell you the gift you ordered for Ms Bloggs of London, UK, has been delivered. Joanne Bloggs should be enjoying her new CD now.

    I'm not sure if you're aware, but we have a free gift reminder service: Every year, we can send a short email reminding you that you sent Joanne Bloggs a gift and make it easy if you want to send her another one. You can set up reminders for any number of people for any occasion. And it's free. Sign up

So now you’ve got the hang of striking while the iron is hot you’ll find that lots of your customers will return again and again to keep purchasing from you. But what if you haven’t been doing these things up until now and you have a list of previous customers, but it’s gone somewhat cold as you haven’t been in touch with them for a while?

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