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“Customers - How To Reactivate Them”

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Chances are you have a list of customers that have purchased once or twice from you in the past but with whom you’ve lost contact. You're always going to have people that buy once and never purchase again but once they stop buying, that's lost revenue for your business. To stay in business these days you must persuade your one-time purchasers into buying again and again.

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Customers – How To Reactivate Them

Every web site owner thinks they face the same challenge: How to get more traffic to their web site. "Build it and they will come" worked for Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams," but that approach leads to a failed business when it comes to your web site. Any savvy web site owner knows that it takes a lot of work, time, and money to bring a visitor to your site for the first time.

Smart marketers also know that it rates a lot easier and cheaper to get people to come back for a return visit or purchase than to attract them for the first time. The following tips will help any web site owner convert more one-time customers into repeat customers.

Follow Up Your Orders

Firstly; you must set up the process to re-contact your customers after they order. This will remind them that you're still in business and ready and willing to sell to them again.

Now that you have the opportunity to re-contact them you must learn their future needs and wants. When you send them any information remind them that you're open to any questions or advice and give them a customer satisfaction survey. This kind of data can be useful to successfully present new offers and products to them.

Next, you can send your back end offers. Give your customers plenty of incentives and deadlines to order. You could offer them a discount for ordering before a certain date or bonus products if they order within a certain time frame. Tell them you have only so many items left in stock and they are available on a "first come first served" basis. All these techniques can greatly increase your chances of gaining repeat business and further sales.

Once you’ve exhausted the initial follow up contact try one or more of these options to keep your customers returning to your web site. They may not all be appropriate but try those that best fit in with your business type. The most important thing to remember is that if you add any of these new ideas to your web site, don’t forget to re-contact your old customers and let them know that you’ve added the new service and include a link in your email so they can go straight to the new section.


Hold an interactive poll or survey on your web site. Ask your website visitors questions about a topic of intense interest to them. Not only do people enjoy giving their opinion, but they'll also want to read the results as you compile them and update them on your website over the next day or week. You can easily run a poll for free by having a short response form on your web site or by just having people email you their responses to your survey questions.

Free Prizes

If appropriate, hold an ongoing prize drawing on your web site. The prizes you give should fit with the interests of your target audience and enable you to showcase what you offer for sale from your web site. For example, if you sell CD’s you could give away something like a travel CD wallet with your web address on, if you sell computer systems and products, you could give away a voucher to be spent on goods from your web site.

Offering prizes on a monthly basis for example, gives you a great opportunity to re-contact your past clients each month. Make them return to your web site to enter the draw each month and include special offers and incentives on the first page they land on when clicking the prize draw link.

Original / Hard-to-find Content

People go online first and foremost to get specific, relevant, timely information in areas that interest them. For some that means news articles, for others sports scores, and for others it means current prices for things like stocks or commodities.

Whatever content they want, give it to people in a way they can't find anywhere else (or at least not very easily) and make it easy for them to see that your site rates a bookmark
in their browser so they can return often.

Brain Teasers

People love a challenge, especially in an area that holds great professional or special interest for them. If you can provide a quiz, trivia questions, puzzles or some other "brain teaser" for people, many will take up the challenge. You get them to return to your web site by posting the answers and making that the only way they can see if they got it right.

This is also a good way to link into the prize draw. Why not ask a question in order to enter the draw? Make the answer information they can find in your web sites pages. It’s also a good idea if that information is a great selling point for your business. For example, “How much postage to we charge for a CD?” or “What products do you get for free when you order a new Notebook computer?” Don’t forget to include links or hints on where to find the answers they need.

Breaking News

People crave up-to-the-minute news on subjects about which they feel very strongly.  Some investors, for example, spend hours combing the Internet for nuggets of information to help them evaluate specific markets, companies, or stocks. One way to make your site invaluable to your audience members is to simply post a news bite, tip, or current "nugget" of relevant information on your site at regular intervals. If the information you give makes people jump up and take notice you can quickly build up a regular following.

Resource Directories

Few things keep people coming back to a website more than a constantly updated directory they can tap for industry specific resources any time they need them. This technique works especially well if it's hard to locate good resources related to your topic because people place a higher value on hard-to-find information. Why not include links to businesses in associated industries, support services, training opportunities, etc.

These are just a few ideas of how you can reactivate one-time customers. If you have any ideas or have tried some of our methods that have proved particularly successful, why not drop us a line? We’d love to hear from you.

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