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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Newsletter Questions:

Q. How do I subscribe?
A. Please click our "Join Now" button on the left of each page for details. You must reply to a confirmation e-mail. It will be sent from “info@enable-uk.co.uk”.


Q. How do I unsubscribe or change my subscription?
A. To unsubscribe, scroll to the bottom of any newsletter and click on the unsubscribe link. To subscribe using a different email address, click the unsubscribe link on any email and rejoin with the new email address using the Join Now button on the left of this page.


Q. I can't view HTML newsletters. Do you have a text-only format?
A. Most publications from Enable UK are sent in a text-only format.


Q. I don't remember signing up for your newsletter. Why am I receiving it?
A. Enable UK uses a confirmed double opt-in subscription system. For your address to be added to our lists, you must sign up via one of our subscription pages and respond to a confirmation e-mail.

If you wish to unsubscribe, please see above.


Q. How can I ensure my newsletter is not blocked by spam filters?
A. All newsletters are sent in text-only format from info@enable-uk.co.uk. The easiest way to bypass any overzealous spam filters would be to add that email address to your address book and use it when configuring any spam filters you may have.


Advertising Questions:

Q. How can I advertise on Enable UK?
A. If you would like to advertise on our Links page, complete the form on the
Contact Us page giving as much detail as possible.


Reprints, Licensing, & Permission Questions:

Q. I want to link to information on you web site. Is that OK?
A. Yes, if the information is of use to your site visitors, please feel free to link to it.


Q. May we reprint/reproduce/post/use a screen shot of an article or a column?
A. Please email us for permission detailing the URL of the page you wish to reproduce and how you wish to use the information: i.e: in your newsletter, on your web site, etc.



Q. I want to out-source a service not available on Enable UK. Can you recommend one?
A. We offer a range of Internet related services not advertised on this web site and also work with a variety of reputable vendors in various related fields. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on this web site,
Contact US as we may well be able to help you ourselves, or at least point you in the right direction.


If you have any other questions not covered in this section, please email us using the form HERE and we will answer your questions personally.

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