Emailed Qualified Enquiries.

Imagine an inbox full of enquiries...
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This is a unique opportunity to receive fully qualified enquiries delivered direct to your inbox without making any changes to your web site or any risks or long term commitment.

This service carries a one off set up fee of between £350 and £950.
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After set up, each emailed enquiry is charged at a pre agreed rate. There is no commitment, you can cancel your enquiries at any time.
The per enquiry rate is generally between £1 and £10

For an accurate quote with no obligation Enquire Now.

This service is limited to one campaign per industry so don’t lose out to your competition, Enquire Now.

Then sit back and let the enquires flood in.

Pre qualified emailed customer enquiries
Pre qualified emailed customer enquiries
Pre qualified emailed customer enquiries and orders.
  • We set up a small number of information rich web pages displaying details about the products or services your company provides.
  • These pages will be designed to reflect your companies branding and image.
  • The pages are promoted to the search engines at no cost to you.
  • The pages are also hosted on our servers for your complete peace of mind.
  • A reply form is included to enable and encourage these new customers to order from you or request more information about your particular product or service.
  • This qualifies the customer as being genuinely interested in your offer, a qualified enquiry.

Far less costly than optimising your entire web site for search engines, which when out-sourced can cost anywhere between £3000 and £15,000. Far more cost effective than any form of Internet advertising as you are charged per enquiry, not per visitor to your web site. This is the service that is changing the face of Internet Marketing.

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