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This set of 6 E-Books has all you need to ensure you develop and effectively promote your web site. Written in an easy to follow, logical sequence, there is information of use to both amateur and professional web site designers.
A real must-have!
G.R. Howard
City of Winchester Web Site

DIY Internet Marketing Guides

A comprehensive series of E-Books available for instant download that detail everything you need to know to get the maximum number of high quality enquiries from your web site.

Buy a single book to fulfil your immediate needs or the whole set, at a discounted price, for a complete guide to marketing your products or services on the Internet.

Ebook 1: THE GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF INTERNET MARKETING                               £4.95

  • Completely new to Internet Marketing?
  • Uncertain how or where to advertise your business?
  • Not sure what type of advertising works?
  • Unclear as to what results to expect?

Covering the broad subject of Internet Marketing this Ebook details the pros and cons of the different forms of advertising online and the best uses for each. If you want to promote your products or services on the Internet but are not sure on the best method to use for your business, this is the Ebook for you.       more...

Ebook 2: START AT THE BEGINNING        £4.95

  • Heard of Search Engine Optimisation but don’t know what it is or how to do it?
  • Have a new or existing web site that’s not getting listed?
  • Confused as to how to find killer key words?
  • Baffled by tags, linking strategies, frames and Flash?

This book covers everything you need to know about optimising your web site for both your customers and top “organic” search engine listings. It covers design, key phrase selection, writing copy and tags, linking strategies and submitting to the search engines. Essential reading for beginners and those with an existing web site that is not producing significant new income.                                            more...

Ebook 3: WRITING TEXT THAT SELLS     £4.95

  • Getting visitors to your web site but few sales?
  • Don’t know the difference between features and benefits?
  • Finding it hard to capture the imagination?
  • What’s your USP?

This book covers everything you need to know about customer classification, the importance of benefits and appealing to the subconscious. Establishing your unique selling point, building your credibility and the art of persuasion along with calls to action are also paramount. Need to turn your browsers into customers? Then this is the Ebook for you.                             more...


  • Getting visitors but few sales?
  • Selling something priced above impulse purchase level?
  • Is your business new or Internet-only, rather than an established brand?
  • Are you trading in a competitive or flooded market?

This book covers the art of getting your customers to return to your web site. Email address harvesting and constructing newsletters are covered in depth. Establishing credibility and trust by defining your company as an authority and becoming an expert in your field is essential. If your product or service is priced above impulse purchase level, or there’s competition for your customers, this is the book you need.                                        more...

Ebook 5: MAXIMISING YOUR PAY PER CLICK CAMPAIGN                                                   £4.95

  • Interested in advertising in PPC engines but worried about making costly mistakes?
  • Not sure which are the best PPC engines to use?
  • Confused by all the jargon and advertising options?
  • No idea how to write top performing adverts?

This book covers all the techniques and skills you need to develop a successful Pay Per Click advertising campaign. From key phrase selection to writing your adverts, from landing pages to tracking your return on investment. If you want to get the most from Pay Per Click advertising, this is an invaluable manual.                more...

Ebook 6: MEASURING SUCCESS               £4.95

  • Spending a small fortune on marketing?
  • Getting some visitors to your web site but not sure where from?
  • Need to cut or justify your advertising budget?

This books covers easy ways to translate those complicated figures and identify your return on your investment (ROI). It covers easy ways to track your adverts and campaigns, how to identify the best performers and how to weed out the least effective methods for you. You can’t improve what you can’t measure so this is an invaluable tool for anyone considering any form of Internet Marketing.                  more...

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