DIY Internet Marketing Guide 5

Maximising Your Pay Per Click Campaign

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Pay Per Click advertising is a dream for Internet marketers for several reasons.

  • It gives you immediate feedback to allow you to instantly measure your marketing efforts.
  • The entire prospecting and sales process can be tracked, measured, and tinkered with to improve results.
  • You can measure impressions, click-through-rates and actual sales or sign-ups.
  • You can track conversion from traffic to sales and identify the sources down to the individual keyword or advert text.
  • Keywords can be measured as minutely as plural against singular forms, and text can be measured down to changes within individual words in the advert

If you have ever used Pay Per Click search engines to advertise your product or service, you will have experienced the sheer power of this online advertising medium. In fact, more and more Internet marketers, from large corporations to 'one-man' companies, use Pay Per Click advertising for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Increase web site exposure.
  • Sell existing products and services.
  • Launch of new products and services.
  • Drive traffic to web site to capture e-mail leads and build prospect list.
  • Test various marketing strategies, e.g. web copy effectiveness, product and services pricing, etc.
  • Research primary and secondary keywords for “organic” search engine optimisation.
  • Research consumer and business wants and needs.
  • Market and sell own and/or affiliate products.

However, as with any advertising campaign, a poorly designed Pay Per Click campaign will not bring you the results you desire. Worst still, it can seriously damage your advertising budget!

So, how do you develop an effective Pay Per Click campaign that gives a solid return on your investment? In this Ebook we will cover the following important strategies to help you maximise your Pay Per Click advertising:

  • Selecting your Keywords
  • Writing Your Advert
  • When to Display Your Advert
  • Destination URLs
  • Managing Your PPC Campaign
  • Tracking Your Return on Investment


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