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“Sales - How To Make Them - The Two Step Sale”

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If you sell a product or service that is priced above impulse purchase level, you should really look into implementing a two step sales policy with your web site. With the right sales pitch and the right information web sites are great at making sales. However, if your new potential customer was unaware of your business before arriving at your web site, they may need some more convincing to purchase from you if your product or service carries a larger price tag. Enter the Two Step Sale.

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Sales – How To Make Them – The Two Step Sale

The first product or service that you offer your new customer could be either free or come within the impulse purchase level. The secondary (more costly) product or service may be purchased after the first, allowing the customer to grow more comfortable and confident with you and your range. This greatly increases your chances of making sales, and can lead to much future business.

The free or impulse purchase level product need not cost you a fortune as long as it is of significant value to the customer. Information relevant to your products or services are ideal for this.

  • If you are a removal company, why not offer a free downloadable book containing moving tips?
  • If you are selling sports equipment, why not offer free or low cost downloadable workout programmes?
  • If you are selling organic food stuffs, why not offer a free recipe service?

Don’t forget that the purpose of writing this free information product is to get the reader to return to YOUR web site to purchase so don’t forget to include details of how your product or service can help. For example, if your product or service is better than your competitors in three main areas, why not entitle your report “3 Things To Make Moving Home Simple” and base your writing around your major benefits. Don’t forget also to include links within the text to your web site. If you receive a thank you from a customer for this free information, ask if you can use their message as a testimonial on your web site.

This method works brilliantly, unless you are selling information. Then, of course, you don't want to give away what you are trying to sell! In this case, you can still offer free information, without giving it all away. Use this to your advantage and give the visitors just enough information to make them want more, and be prepared to pay for it!

You should also offer free or low cost information in such a way that your potential customer needs to furnish you with their email address, for example by auto responder. This will then give you the opportunity to compile your own opt-in email list. These email addresses allow you to follow up on this initial contact and keep in touch thus nurturing this new relationship. A whole guide entitled “Building Online Relationships is available on this subject at:

Another way to make your presence felt in your field is by hosting a chat room or message board on your web site. It should be relevant to your products or services or even allow previous customers to leave feedback about the products that you sell. If you don’t have the time to run or moderate this kind of information, try frequenting chat rooms related to your business and be sure to include your web site address in your signature. If you offer free and useful advice in this format, you will gain endless credibility and the readers as well as the recipients of this advice who may well visit your web site and purchase as you have already established trust with them.

Think of everything that makes you return to other web sites over and over again, and make sure that your site has these elements.

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