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  • Increase your market share.
  • Improve your companies online image.
  • Improve the cost effectiveness of advertising your product or service.
  • Successfully measure the return on your online advertising investment.
  • Convert more Internet browsers into customers.

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About Us - Internet Marketing and Enable UK

Driving highly targeted customers to your web site and then converting them into customers is not an easy thing to achieve but is imperative for any business that wishes to attract customers via the Internet. If your web site is not returned in the top search engine results, you can be sure you are losing customers to all those competitors listed above you. Or if your web site’s copy is not compelling or convincing enough to make a sale, you can guarantee that someone else’s is.

Our customers are owners of real, solid businesses who want to see their web site make a real difference to their turnover and profit margins. Some are one-man-bands who want to undertake the marketing of their web site themselves, others are large, multinational companies who want to outsource these highly specialised services, and of course, there are many in between.

Whatever your situation, we are confident that you will find within this web site a range of products or services to suit your needs. From a simple downloadable Internet Marketing guide to a fully managed Pay Per Click campaign if your aim is to:

We don’t sell get-rich-quick schemes and we don’t promise that you will make millions overnight with some obscure magic or secret formula. There aren’t any, believe us! Our products and services have been proved time and again to be the most effective, ethical and efficient ways to drive highly targeted, motivated customers to your business.

At Enable UK, we have developed a team of consultants with a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in marketing, copy-writing, web site design and Internet advertising. We have worked with clients, businesses and organisations from across the world from widely varied fields and with vastly differing requirements.

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